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Thanksgiving Crafts: Part 1


We started doing some Thanksgiving crafts last night. Aislinn was first since she was falling asleep and Owen was already in bed for the night. I wanted to do full on hand print and foot print crafts, but it’s extremely difficult to get a 2 month old to open her hand to paint it. Even if I could manage that I knew there was no way I’d her her to hold her hand flat for me to print it.

All we did was trace her hand, which was still not easy, on construction paper- orange, red and yellow. Cut them out. We printed her foot in brown paint on brown construction paper. We did this because we knew we wanted to make it look like a turkey and her foot just isn’t big enough to get that turkey shape. So we cut around her print to make a turkey body. Then we glued the hand cut-out’s together to make the tail, glued the turkey body/print onto the tail and made the turkey face. I used Q-tips to make the eyes and beak, and a small paint brush to do the wattle (betcha thought I’d call it the ‘red wobbly thing’, huh?). Black magic marker to finish the eyes. THEN we glued the turkey to a white piece of card stock, used orange paint to make legs and wrote her name and year on it. We made 5 of these for ourselves and family.

Here is what we got:


Construction paper- orange, red, yellow, brown

Paint- brown, orange, yellow, white

Glue stick

Card stock

Black marker


Owen was next! He’s at the age (FINALLY!) where he will hold his hand flat and still while I paint. BUT this age also compels him to squish things together in his hands so I was worried about the tail on his turkey as it was going to be a full hand print with multicolored fingers for a colorful tail. I begged him to be patient and calm then we began.

I painted his fingers for the tail first, then his palm for the body of the turkey and it’s head. We used blue, orange, yellow, and green. He was still enough for me to get his hand on the construction paper BUT the fingers had dried so we only got one tail feather and the body. I had to re-paint everything else fast and print his hand. It was a little off because he was excited but it turned out fine. so I do suggest doing the fingers last so they don’t dry. The palm takes longer to paint because it’s bigger. After washing him up, I did the turkey’s face. Another Q-tip for the nose, small paint brush for the wattle and a marker for the simple black eye. I painted his name and the year onto it, then cut around turkey. I cut it like I did so I could make a hole at the corner and attach a small loop for us and family member to hang it up somewhere. I figured as much as we craft for them they’d be out of extra magnets to sitck things on the fridge.

This it the final and ONLY result. I’m going to attempt to make more or just photo copy this one.


White paper

Paint- blue, orange, green, yellow, brown


For hanging:

Ribbon or string

That is all for now! We have foam sticky Fall/Thanksgiving pieces to make turkeys, scarecrows and owls as well. We are also going to be making a hand-print Mayflower so keep an eye out for them.