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Photos of the Week 11/4 to 11/10


This is Owen at the Renaissance Festival this weekend. We almost took a camel ride but Owen was scared just looking at it, so we decided not to. He enjoyed watching it walk away, but freaked out when it was walking towards him. Poor kid! He even bypassed all the goats, sheep and horses for…wait for it…the ducks. He went right up to the ducks ( first time he let Benjamin put him down since they entered the petting zoo area) squatted down and said, ‘Hi ducks! Cack,Cack!’ He can’t sound out ‘quack’ fully, but he’s working on it.



This is from last weekend when Benjamin was participating in a school drag race. Owen loved watching and hearing the cars. He cries and whines to go outside when he sees or hears Ben working on the cars. Owen loves to get in the front seat and pretend to drive. He’s not even 2 years old yet, and he knows which key goes in the ignition, he can turn it and switch the radio on. We know to hide our keys from him now because there is no taking them from him. That’s asking for a war.



Another of Owen from this past week. He likes pulling out our shoes and hats to wear around the house. Normally he just grabs Ben’s stuff but every now and then you’ll see him in a pair of my heels. He’ll hate me for those photos later in life! Here he is wearing Ben’s Army boots. I had to help him get in because eh pitched a fit not being able to do it himself and he walked around the house for half an hour before taking them off. This is just more proof h’ell be like his Dada one day.






Here is Little Miss! This is her ‘ooohhhh’ face and we love it. She makes this face when we let her ‘fly’ like an airplane. She loves being lifted into the air and brought back down. She gets up, looks around, makes this face and smiles. It melts outs hearts, obviously. Pretty much the only other time she smiles is when she’s with her Dada. Both of my kids prefer Dada. I do love it, but I will admit it- I’m a bit jealous. I want to be the one who makes Ash smile every now and then, especially when I’m the one who wakes up at 3am to nurse her. But Dada is just SO MUCH FUN!

This is from this past weekend. It was fairly warm outside so we all went out for some fresh air. Ben and Owen were on the other side of the yard working on the Project Car, go figure. I took Ash out to a sunny spot and let her get some rays. Like Owen, she loves being outside. She watches the trees and is so calm outside. I hope this means they will choose outdoors over indoors when they get older. Anyways, she was giving me all kinds of faces and expressions  I cannot remember what happened to make her give me this look, but I caught it and it’s pretty cute.



Last but not least. Dada and Ash. She loves being with Ben and in his arms. Owen did too at this age. They smile and laugh and are so attentive with him. He’s just a great father overall- I got REALLY lucky. BUT there are moments where neither like him very much and this photo shows one of those moments for poor Aislinn. Dada scared her on accident and she let out the most pitiful cry and gave Dada her best pouty face. I missed the bottom lip poking out, but she has it perfected already! We are in  trouble.